A turnkey professional virtual solution in partnership with John Henry’s Ltd in Central London.
Collaboration with John Henry’s

Pixl Evolution is excited to bring to market two exciting new virtual solution broadcast studios right in the heart of London. The whole campus is currently operating under social distancing H&S guidelines.

COVID-19 Secure

We confirm we have complied with the government’s guidance on managing the risk of COVID-19 by undergoing a risk assessment, adopting new cleaning, hand washing and hygiene procedures, following social distancing guidelines, and more.

Studio 7

Located in John Henry’s Studio 7 in Central London, Pixl has built a flexible LED backdrop to facilitate your virtual solution studio space.

Produce an immersive presentation from a virtual reality environment with your content through green screen or digital virtual environments. We achieve this by incorporating camera tracking and real-time content rendering driven by the Ross Voyager media server. There are many options available for virtual sets, both off-the-shelf and completely custom 3D designs.

Studio 6

Located in John Henry’s Studio 6, the Pixl Smart Stage virtual solution is a space that allows your imagination to come to life.

Extended Reality

Present from a physical set comprised of an LED background and LED floor giving the presenters a grounded, tangible experience but with extended reality capabilities to enhance the viewer experience. Camera tracking provides the proper perspective for the graphic content in the background to line up with the live shot. The virtual set can be extended beyond the physical LED wall and floor to provide an endlessly expansive environment.

All-in-One Control

The broadcast streaming control solution in John Henry’s Studio 5 offers full control of both studios and remote studio locations. With lighting, audio, media server, camera racks, IT and vision mixer, this set-up provides an all-in-one socially distanced solution.

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